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Financial Summary

The financial picture.

Because of very high building performance, energy costs are minimised and other running costs are low. Here are some examples:

  • Water charges, even with gardens approx €130 p.a.
  • Property tax approx €170 p.a.
  • Electricity cost approx €600 p.a. (6 months occupation, use of A/C.)
  • No standing charges or other fees.
  • House purchase in easy stage payments, as the house is constructed.

Competitve purchase costs; in line with other Mediterranean levels, allow approx 9%

Living costs are also low.

  • Healthy Greek salad (see opposite) from €4.00
  • Half litre of organic local wine approx €4.00
  • A tasty Greek kebab from €3.50
  • 750 ml of premium extra virgin olive oil, from a farmer, €5
  • 1/2 kg local sweet mandarin oranges, from a farmer, €3.50
  • Tasty small plates of food (meze), often free with a drink!

Easily accessible services.

All local! 24 hour doctors, 2 pharmacies, post office, town hall, police station. And more. Also two hospitals within 35 minutes drive.

The next step

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‘A real Greek salad uses creamy feta, local tangy olives, finest extra virgin olive oil, sun drenched tomatoes and mountain oregano’.